Kinleith Safety Case


The Major Hazard Facility Regulations require operators to prepare a Safety Case. The Kinleith Mill Safety Case demonstrates Oji Fibre Solutions ability to operate the mill safely. It documents its management system, hazard identification and risk assessment processes, and emergency response planning.

The Safety Case identifies all potential major incidents and ensures adequate controls will be in place to minimise the risks of these incidents so far as is reasonably practicable. A major incident is defined in the regulations as an uncontrolled event at a Major Hazard Facility that involves specified hazardous substances and exposes multiple persons to a serious risk to their health or safety.

The Safety Case provides assurance to workers, emergency services, the community and others that suitable controls are in place. In preparing our Safety Case we consulted with a range of people, including our experienced on-site workers, industry specialists, emergency services and the local community.

The Kinleith Mill Safety Case comprises the following sections:

Safety Assessment

Safety Assessment

The safety assessment used the knowledge, skill and experience of our workers as well as internal and external subject matter experts to identify major incident hazards in each area of the mill.  It identifies the possible causes and consequences of each major incident hazard and the controls that have been put in place to manage the risk.

Safety Management System

Safety Management System

A Safety Management System identifies and manages hazards at the mill. It is a comprehensive and integrated system for safe operation.

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Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan

Kinleith’s emergency response plan was developed in consultation with experts within the mill and with external agencies to enable the effective management of emergencies. The plan is to be activated for incidents that are expected to impact on people, property, or the environment either within the mill or beyond the boundary of the mill.

The mill maintains first response in the form of the Kinleith industrial fire brigade operated by Emergency Management Services (EMS) to provide immediate response to any incident on site.